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Product Testing: Beta 1+

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In the name of "Product Testing" six friends and I took off to ride the first two WABDR sections... in October. The forecast was for rain. 

Two of us were using Beta 1+ production tents and MotoBum was using one of the early prototypes.

The first night I woke to the sound of rain on the tent. A quick glance at the clock let me know it was 3am.
It rained until 8am. I got up and felt around the tent. Yes, a little condensation, but that is too be expected. I looked down and saw that water had flowed under the tent between the ground cloth and tent floor.
Fearing for the worse (a wet sleeping bag and clothes), I wiped my hand across the tent floor. It came up dry.

I can say with confidence that the material used for the Beta 1+ keeps out water. There might be a little condensation, but that happens in every tent.

5+ hours of rain, standing water between the ground cloth and tent floor, and I stayed dry.

I didn't seal the seams before the test. I wanted to see if it would leak.
I do recommend using McNett Gear Aid Sil Net Seam Sealer if you're planning on spending serious time in the rain.

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