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Air Support

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The new tent is in development. A little farther behind than planned, but still pushing forward. 

I'm working feverishly on the pole and tent design. Trying new materials, designs and tossing prototypes that fail a test or two. The goal is an air pole supported, freestanding, 2-person, 3-season tent that packs to 6"x6"x5" and weighs less than 3 pounds.

I'm trying to keep things simple, yet include all the features we need. 

Some pictures of early tent walls and pole prototypes. 

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Product Testing: Beta 1+

In the name of "Product Testing" six friends and I took off to ride the first two WABDR sections... in October. The forecast was for rain. Two of us were using Beta 1+ production tents and MotoBum was using one of the early prototypes. The first night I woke to the sound of rain on the [...]

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Somewhere in the USA

Ashim is enjoying his trip around the US on his GSXR. Some motels and some luxury Sprocket 67 Beta 1+ accommodations along the way! 

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Things are moving.

The new tent development is moving, slowly. Things always take longer than expected. I need to focus and decide on a design and have a prototype produced. Hopefully I'll have a prototype by the end of October. I've also teamed with an ex body care developer. I'll be adding an anti-monkey butt powder, foot powder, bug [...]

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In Stock!

Finally the Beta 1+ is in stock. Final pack-out and shipping is happening. 

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Getting Close

I checked in with the sewing shop on Friday. The tents should be ready early this week. I'm hoping to get a call today or tomorrow! I'm finishing up an instruction sheet for tent setup. I tried to make it as intuitive as possible, but to cover I'll add instructions. I will create a page on [...]

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Shock Cord

Poles are cut. What do you do when you need a lot of shock cord cut to the same length? I made made a jig out of an old 1x6 and three scrap pieces of tent pole tubing. It took a little measuring to get the position of the tube correct, but it works great!Wrap it [...]

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In the wilds of the Pacific Northwest

AK Smitty did a little product testing with the first prototype. Riding his KTM southeast from Seattle, he had a great time on the trails and backroads of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. With only GL soft bags on the bike, the small pack size of the tent seemed to work great.He has another trip planned [...]

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Tent Poles

I built a jig for cutting the 200 tent poles. I'll start the cutting tomorrow. After the cutting I have to debur and shape the cut ends of the tubbing. That will be another day in the shop.The deburring and shaping bit is on loan to me. I've got to debur and shape all the [...]

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Water Works

I did some water saturation testing on the fabric this weekend.  I placed a piece of paper in the bottom of a plastic tub and clamped a piece of the tent fabric to the rim of the tub. I poured water into the bowl the fabric created above the paper. I will check the tub in [...]

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